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Hey guys should I get full bangs? I hate having high-maintenance hair but someone suggested I should get them recently so a) would they look good on me and b) how much work would they be?

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    Also you will have to style them every morning
  2. riversoul said: If you’re hair isn’t so super straight, you might want to straighten them often do they lay flat rather than be light things in front of your face. But you can always pin them back!
  3. artandamanda answered: full on bangs are so easy! it makes having thick hair look so cute and so easy to style. just brush and leave to dry :)
  4. spookydoki said: They look good!! I wanted bangs a while back but people kept saying it wouldn’t look good so I got discouraged :(
  5. astronomy-to-zoology answered: Taken from experience, bangs can be a fair amount of work.
  6. 0h-my-darling answered: If you’re not up for blow drying them with a round brush every morning to get them to sit right, then I wouldnt. Spent a yr growing mine out
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