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Challenge: What’s the appeal of keeping large snakes?

I just don’t understand the appeal of having this 5 foot long reptile in your house. I understand they’re not venomous or anything, but… Are they cuddly or something?

If you’ve kept or are keeping a large snake, please message me explaining why you love having your pet. :)

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    You’d really be surprised at how cuddly they are. I don’t keep giants at the moment, but when I’m in a more secure place...
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    In terms of snakes, five foot is actually pretty small. But my ball’s around 3.5~4 feet, and I do plan on getting 8ish...
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    It differes from person to person. My reason is because I love these animals and I find them Fascinating.
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    While I have never physically owned a snake, I have had the pleasure of taking care of ball pythons, red tail boas, and...
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    I don’t own and wouldn’t own a large snake… mostly because I don’t have the room necessary to house the animal properly,...
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    I think it depends on the person. I also think that people completely underestimate the intelligence of these animals....
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    I have a ball python that’s a little over 5 ft. He came with the fiance’, but I take care of him now and I love him to...
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