I'm Raegan. I post/reblog fish stuff, puns, personal stuff and whatever. Third-wave critical, Male rights movement sympathizer. Proper citations are very important to me.

Full marriage equality is very important to me.

Current obsessions: garter snakes, leopard geckos, solitaire, taxonomy my baby apisto fry.

Fishkeeping is basically my whole life.


I run way too many blogs.


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1. A. Development is the first stage in creating a film. It is the light bulb that goes off in a producer’s head. It is the idea that someone wants to create into a movie. This could be a story that someone has come up with, it could be to re create a movie idea, or it could be a true story that someone would like to see created into a movie.B. Preproduction is the second step in creating a film. This process takes as long as it takes, but it typically takes about a year or two. This is

Someone is doing homeworkkkk

I bet there are garter snakes near here but I’m not wearing the right shoes to go herping. I’ve seen a soft-shelled turtle (the scariest kind imo) and some jumping fish which may or may not back been the same kind as the big school I saw in the shallows. They looked a little bit too big to be Gambusia but I doubt they were shiners because there’s like no current. (Actually I take that back because I just looked again and they might just be gambusia.)

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Please a t shirt Kotex in the right hand side of closet poise please 2 face cream


I really like this meme

I just asked a girl in my class if she’s cycled her tank yet because she was excited about finally getting her fish today (probably a Betta) and from her answer she either thought I was talking about water conditioner or the bottled bacteria that don’t really work and I don’t know how to bring up the subject again…

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fawk i tried to do the copy paste ask thing but there was nothing there since i just turned on my computer :(

I forgive u

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Knob tailed geckos

I can see the need to copy that.

I really hope that none of my followers have actually done this, but if you have encouraged someone to commit suicide and then later on (after a failed suicide attempt, 6 months of residential treatment and then 3.5 years in the real world, for example) have the opportunity to reconnect with them, DON’T. I don’t care how long it’s been, unless they approach you first just leave them alone. And if they do approach you, have the decency to apologize.

When you’re the first one into class and the first one to turn in your assignment and no one else is there so he takes the time to actually read it and then decides to use it as a model.

In other news I’m really bad at taking compliments on my writing.

"I’m deciding to use yours to model to the class because—"

"Because I turned mine in first? *smirk*"

"*laughs* No, because there are things in it that I want to point out."

"Oh, so you’re going to criticize it."

It’s mornings like these that I don’t mind waking up and driving to school so early— a light mist rising up from the fields of grass, the sunrise tinting the wisps of clouds pink, all set to the trademark Central Texas hills for a background. I’d almost be justified in using my phone while driving to take a picture.

"Life would be so much better as a donut."

"Life would be so much better as a donut."

Wow I really can not deal with my sister today

The Good Wife Drinking Game


take a drink every time:

  • Alicia says something biting and sarcastic
  • Alicia has to word something diplomatically
  • Alicia is a protective mother
  • Lemond Bishop causes problems
  • Kalinda + Cary
  • Grace + religion
  • Zach + technology
  • Peter + extramarital affair (whether real or imaginary)
  • every time someone on that show takes a drink