Hi, I'm Raegan. I post/reblog fish stuff, puns, personal stuff and whatever. Third wave-critical. Proper citations are very important to me.

Full marriage equality is very important to me.

Current obsessions: garter snakes, leopard geckos, solitaire, taxonomy.

Fishkeeping is basically my whole life.


I run way too many blogs.


I just quoted one of my tags to my sister and I think she follows me


I’m pretty sure this is the display tank at ADG. They’re no longer associated with ADA.

I think you’re right. I should probably change my tag for it then. Do you know what happened and why they’re no longer affiliated?

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Nobody likes me on klonopin but *i* like me on klonopin even if I keep running into the walls


if you have a question please send me an ask. Don’t comment/reply. I won’t answer any replies (and I haven’t for several months now).

Seriously considering turning that option off I swear to god.

Anonymous asked
Have you ever done a dirted tank before (or know of anyone that has one on tumblr)? I am looking to start one up but I have quite a few questions and no one to ask!

aquasplendens has been doing the dry start method if I remember correctly? I think other people on here might have dirted tanks?


Ecology of the Planted Aquarium by Diane Walstad  (free pdf download)


Try the 3rd link first, it has a step-by-step thing that I hope will answer any questions. Then if you still have questions try other people on tumblr.

Black ghost knife fish (Apteronotus albifrons) breeding report (translated from Russian by Google Translate) with pictures.

that awkward moment when you visit someone’s place of work and they follow you on tumblr and you don’t realize until later.

I just want to buy some platies which will breed true to their color forms. The ones that look like the devil’s hole pupfish.

I don’t trust LFS to have pure strains. Maybe aquabid?

I’m gonna tear down all my tanks and get a 225 and get a black ghost knife fish

Except I don’t want to be the one to tear down the tanks

Someone come do it for me